Geneih 3ala Geneih

Gneih 3ala Gneih Micro-insurance Plan


One of AXA’s top priorities is to increase access to insurance services to segments of the society in need for protection but lacking the means to secure it. AXA Egypt responded to this growing need by developing tailored micro-insurance solutions 'Gneih 3ala Gneih' to better serve these customers and support their financial inclusion.


Gneih 3ala Gneih is the first savings-based micro-insurance product in Egypt, currently serving over 11,000 customers.



Gneih 3ala Gneih Key Features

  • Tailored policies according to customers insurance needs.
  • Affordable, fixed monthly premium, based on the length and amount of coverage chosen.
  • Period of cover can be from 5 up to 10 years in a low risk fund to ensure safe investments.

Gneih 3ala Gneih Key Insurance Benefits

  • Economical Life Insurance In case of death, AXA will pay the insurance amount to help your beloved ones cope with the financial loss.
  • Accidental Death In case of death by accident, AXA will pay to your beloved ones the agreed lump sum as per the policy.


Why choose AXA Microinsurance?

  • First micro-insurance product in Egypt

  • Easy enrollment

  • Low risk investment

  • Minimum documentation required

  • No underwriting

  • Pre-priced monthly saving plan