AXA Micro-insurance Plans

AXA Micro-insurance Plans

Micro-insurance is one of AXA’s top priorities to increase access to insurance services. There are still many segments of the society that are in need for protection but lack the means to access it. 


AXA Egypt responded to this growing need by developing tailored micro-insurance solutions to better serve these customers and support their financial inclusion. Micro-insurance products provide direct insurance access to low-income groups, offering them the protection they seek.


At AXA, we are allocating dedicated resources and expertise to address these micro-insurance segments and to develop tailored offerings, in particular Life & Savings and Health insurance services that meet their needs. We have also developed partnerships with key Egyptian micro-insurance institutions to bring protection to those who need it most.


Discover more about AXA Gneih 3ala Gneih plan.

Gneih 3ala Gneih is AXA microinsurance product for segments of people who really need protection.