We all have dreams. At AXA we propose solutions to help you plan for the dreams which require savings.

Dreams enables you to set aside money on a regular basis, to be invested over the long-term. Moreover, the plan provides you with valuable protection benefits and peace of mind.

Dreams Key Features

  • A long-term plan with a minimum of 10 years.
  • Flexible premiums payment frequency options; monthly, semi-annual or annual basis.
  • A wide variety of Investment types are available to invest your premiums depending on your choice, needs as well as tolerance to risk.
  • Customers can switch between different investment types according to the change of needs.
  • The plan offers you the flexibility of increasing your premiums to compensate for the effects of inflation and to tailor your premiums according to your needs.

  • Flexibility to contribute additional single premiums whenever you wish.

Dreams Key Insurance Benefits

  • Policy Maturity Value: AXA will pay you a lump sum equal to the account value of your policy at maturity, to start funding your dream.

  • Economical Life Insurance: In case of death, AXA will pay the insurance amount in addition to the account value of the policy, to help loved ones cope with the loss.

  • Total Permanent Disability: In case of disability, AXA will also pay the insurance amount to assist the family with the expenses associated with such hardship.

  • Critical Illness: AXA will also pay the insurance amount to assist with any incurred expenses in case you suffered from critical illness.



Why Choose AXA Dreams ?

  • Long term saving plan to fulfil your dreams

  • Economical life insurance

  • Accidental disability insurance

  • Critical illness benefit

  • Different investment types to meet your risk tolerance

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