Responsibility For Our Environmental Footprint

AXA Egypt is committed to reduce our direct impact on the environment by actively managing the impact of all our daily operations on the environment.
We are also aware of our role in promoting environmental protection awareness amongst our stakeholders, contributing to improve their understanding for environmental risks.

AXA is committed to protecting the environment, both as a responsible insurer and as an environmentally responsible corporation by:


  • Improving our environmental record. This is undertaken by setting up an environmental management system to manage our energy, paper and water consumption, as well as carbon emissions and waste. This is notably based on an annual reporting system which enables us to optimize the management of our major environmental impacts, including paper, power and water consumption, as well as the production and recycling of electronic waste


  • Enabling our stakeholders to benefit from our environmental risk prevention expertise. This commitment primarily concerns the effective management of environmental risks for our corporate clients and suppliers, through our role as an insurer. This is undertaken via, for example, educating our corporate clients about the importance of environmental risk prevention. When required, AXA helps such clients to identify environmental risks and take the preventive measures needed to encourage them for environmentally responsible behavior.

We are committed to treat all potential suppliers fairly and ensure they have an equal opportunities.

AXA strives to play a positive role in society by building a culture that promotes employee volunteering and through corporate giving to support the Egyptian community.

We believe that building relationships with our customers and earning their trust and confidence is crucial to our success

We strive to be a responsible employer, placing employee engagement at the heart of our business strategy.