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Whatever the size of your business, we offer a range of medical insurance plans and healthcare solutions to fit your business... Read more

Liability insurance

Great cover for your home, contents and personal possessions. Careful home owners get great discounts... Read More

Engineering insurance

AXA offers a range of innovative solutions to cater for the construction and erection projects as well as engineering risks... Read More


AXA's marine offer global security and local experts. Unique risk management services for vessel selection, warehousing...

AXA redefining health insurance

Whatever the size of your business, we offer a range of medical insurance plans and healthcare solutions to suit your requirements and your budget.

Did you know?

  • AXA offers International, Regional and Local healthcare plans.
  • AXA provides a worldwide network of hospitals for in-patient treatment.
  • AXA provides network for out-patient treatment throughout the Region including a huge number of hospitals, clinics and pharmacies and expanding constantly.
  • AXA has a center of excellence dedicated to servicing its customers in the most efficient manner. AXA’s team of professionals will assist you at every step.
  • AXA assists you with setting a realistic budget for healthcare expenditure.
  • AXA protects your scheme by keeping you informed with transparent Management Information Reporting.

Health Insurance Products

Our comprehensive International, Regional and Local plans suits the needs of your business.

Why choose AXA Marine Insurance?

  • Global security and local expertise.
  • The widest covers in the market.  
  • Worldwide network of offices and agents.  
  • Fair dealing and prompt settlement of claims.  
  • Competitive pricing and flexible approach to accepting risk.

Why choose AXA Engineering Insurance?

AXA offers a range of innovative solutions to cater for the engineering risks of your project including, amongst many other features, constructions’ plants, machinery and electronic equipment.

We have a highly specialized team of qualified and experienced professionals to understand your requirements and offer you the right solutions.

  • AXA offers customized solutions to cater to the specific needs of Principal/Financial Institution.
  • AXA works with you at all stage to provide you with risk engineering solutions.
  • Our global expertise of AXA Corporate Solutions can be provided to support you with large projects.

Why choose AXA Property Insurance?

As a significant player in the Commercial Property Insurance market worldwide, AXA Egypt provides comprehensive cover for industrial and commercial clients catering to all companies’ sizes from small to large enterprises.

Our property insurance covers are designed to offer you a wide range of protection that will not only include the building, but will also extend your protection to machineries, warehouse stock, furniture, etc.

Our innovative pricing includes many factors such as the quality of buildings, Operational hazards and overall level of safety and protection.

  • AXA offers risk engineering, loss prevention and sophisticated risk management consultancy services to clients.
  • AXA has a competitive pricing to give your business maximum value for money, while rewarding you for good safety track.
  • AXA's standard cover can be combined with a complete set of optional extensions specific to your activity.

Why choose AXA Liability Insurance?

Business liability insurance is one of the most crucial protections needed by every business entity no matter how large or small.

AXA covers all basic legal liabilities business may incur by its employees or other related stakeholders.