Global Protect

AXA Global Protect Health Plan


Our Global Protect Health Plan is designed for people who have a global outlook. It gives you & your family a premium care and support across the world.

Medical costs vary enormously from country to country. So if you pay for treatment out of your own pocket, you could end up paying much more simply because of where you are. Buying international health insurance, like the AXA Global Protect Health Plan removes this risk. The premium you pay gives you the peace of mind that your eligible health care costs are always covered, wherever you are.

AXA Egypt offers you & your family four cover levels (Standard, Comprehensive, Prestige, and Prestige Plus) that you can choose from according to your needs.

AXA’s Global Protect Health Plan is powered by the AXA Group, the world’s number 1 insurance brand, 107 million people around the world trust AXA to get them the care they need.


Global Protect Health Plan Features

Choose the cover you need, AXA offers you four cover levels  Standard, Comprehensive, Prestige, and Prestige Plus.

As a member of the Global Protect Health Plan you benefit from AXA premium medical care including:

  • Treatment from over 2,000, clinics and pharmacies across Egypt, as well as any of the 11,000 providers in AXA’s global network – we’ll settle the bill directly, so you won’t need to pay upfront.
  • Up to $4,800,000 / £4,000,000 / €4,400,000 annual policy limit.
  • Health and wellbeing cover – including dental and optical care, and health checks on our Prestige plans.
  • On-the-go advice from GPs, family medicine physicians, and wellness advisors with the AXA My Doctor app.
  • Access to 750 of the world’s top medical experts for complex conditions, who can provide you with an independent second opinion and design your treatment.
  • 24/7 phone access to medical professionals, including nurses and counselors.
  • Emergency medical evacuation to get you to the specialist you need.

Global Protect Health Plan key Insurance Benefits

Standard cover includes:

  • In-patient and day-patient treatment.
  • Cancer treatment.
  • Non-routine dental care, such as crowns and bridgework.
  • Emergency in-patient treatment in the USA.
  • Emergency medical evacuation.
  • Optional upgrades: Out-patient cover.

Comprehensive cover includes:

This provides you with everything you get with Standard cover plus:

  • Follow-up surgery consultations.
  • Chemotherapy and antibiotics at home.
  • Treatment for chronic conditions.
  • Treatment for kidney dialysis.
  • Eyesight cover.
  • Out-patient treatment.
  • Routine pregnancy cover.
  • Annual health check.
  • Optional upgrade: Routine dental care.


Prestige cover includes: 

This provides you with everything you get with Comprehensive cover plus:

  • Cash payment in case of disability.
  • Palliative care for cancer.
  • Optional upgrade: Routine dental care.

Prestige Plus cover includes:

This provides you with everything you get with Prestige cover plus:

  • Unlimited out-patient treatment within your area of cover.
  • Palliative care for any terminal illness.
  • Routine dental care.
  • Treatment for HIV and AIDS.
  • Emergency out-patient treatment in the USA.

Why Choose AXA Global Protect Health Plan?

  • The backing of a global brand “AXA Group’’ No 1 global insurance brand.

  • Access to world-leading specialists.

  • 24/7 One-to-one support.

  • AXA My Doctor app.

  • Direct billing for your medical expenses.

  • Download Brochure

The new mobile application provide customers with 24/7 access to the expertise they require for Healthy, acute & Chronic condition management via calls with our doctors..