Political Violence

Political Violence Insurance


Terrorist activity is growing at an alarming rate and due to the disastrous effects political violence and terrorism can often have on corporations it is becoming increasingly important for companies and individuals to protect their assets and liabilities.


AXA designed Political Violence Insurance for customers ranging from small companies with single asset exposure to multinational companies with global exposure to help companies to navigate through dynamic, complex and ever-changing political threats.

Political Violence Key Features

  • Wide range of covers with competitive pricing to provide your business with maximum protection.
  • Flexibility to design the policy as per your needs.
  • AXA offers clients consultancy services and risk management.

Political Violence Key Insurance Benefits

AXA Political Violence Insurance covers physical loss or physical damage to the buildings and contents which belong to the insured or for which the insured is legally responsible, or business interruption occurring during the policy period as a result of:

  • Act of terrorism
  • Riots, strikes and/or civil commotion
  • Malicious damage
  • Insurrection, revolution or rebellion
  • War and/or civil war

Why Choose Political Violence Insurance?

  • Wide range of covers suitable for small clients with single assets exposure as well multinational companies with global exposure

  • AXA skilled team will help you to understand and quantify risk to make the policy best suit your requirements

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