Back AXA’s Safe صيف summer campaign protects lives, valuables and the environment

AXA’s Safe صيف summer campaign protects lives, valuables and the environment

Aug 31, 2021

With the end of the summer season almost upon us, AXA Egypt’s “Safeصيف “campaign has successfully contributed to helping customers and non-customers experiencing unique protection services, through different initiatives.
“Our sole focus this summer has been to raise awareness among Egyptian travelers regarding the importance of protection across the different aspects of their lives; be it belongings, cars, health or their surrounding environment, and to provide a ‘safe’ summer experience,” said Ayman Kandeel, Chairman of AXA General Insurance and Managing Director of AXA Life Insurance.

Protected road trips and personal belongings
AXA protected around 2500 road trips by offering free check-ups on cars’ ACs, five tires, batteries and alternators, lights and fluids for travellers who could locate inspection points on the road to and from the North Coast throughout the summer season. In addition to that, AXA’s innovative custom-made “Safe Box” represented a reminder of the importance of protecting people’s valuable assets. The Safe Boxes were made available for beachgoers to store their belongings while enjoying a carefree time.

More than three tons of collected waste
AXA’s Mega Sahel Beach Clean-up, the biggest in Egypt and the Middle East and organized in collaboration with Banlastic, consisted of 16 clean-ups at one of the compounds on the North Coast. By engaging children and teenagers, and the efforts of more than 200 volunteers on eight consecutive weekends, the amount of waste collected reached more than three tons.
“We are proud of our on-ground impact this year towards implementing AXA’s sustainable development strategy by dedicating massive collective efforts to protect the environment, reflecting AXA’s brand purpose to act for human progress by protecting what matters,” said Dina Azer, AXA Egypt Marketing and Communication Director.

Protecting the health of North Coast travellers
As a trusted partner in people’s health protection journey, the OneHealth Medical Center, successfully offers a unique healthcare experience for North Coast travellers. With the clinic’s convenience and proximity, AXA customers and non-customers are offered quality medical services through the walk-ins, 24/7 teleconsultations, and video call consultations that have been available throughout the summer.
With the help of a solid vision, AXA continues to provide an inclusive insurance experience, building on its global and local efforts. With a corporate strategy anchored on the needs of customers, AXA paves the way for growing innovation in the sector.