Back With the goal of advancing Egypt's digital transformation by 2030 AXA joins forces with Yodawy to provide groundbreaking services in medical technology.

With the goal of advancing Egypt's digital transformation by 2030 AXA joins forces with Yodawy to provide groundbreaking services in medical technology.

Feb 12, 2023

Cairo, Egypt- 7 February, 2023: AXA and Yodawy have joined forces to bring a revolutionary new solution that encourages sustainability via digitalization. This process provides customers of AXA with a convenient access to electronic prescriptions via Yodawy’s e-prescription gateway -- all in line with Egypt’s 2030 Vision for sustainable development and digital transformation.

AXA’s corporate health clients can get the comprehensive care they need with one convenient digital platform. AXA doctors on site who are present in corporate premises are enabled through Yodawy to issue electronic prescriptions to AXA members, where users can later dispense their prescription from the nearest pharmacy in AXA's extensive network or dispense it from any other pharmacy using an AXA card.

Sameh Anas, Managing Director of AXA Services Egypt delightedly announced the renewal of their collaboration with Yodawy to deliver high-quality health and insurance services for AXA's clients. Drawing on this momentous event as an opportunity to expand its reach in Cairo, Mr. Anas elaborated that such initiatives open up new expansion opportunities in the Egyptian market, strengthening alliances to provide innovative insurance solutions.

Anas highlighted how AXA goes beyond simply providing top-notch international healthcare services to its customers but is also dedicated to increasing awareness of the importance of insurance and building successful partnerships. Additionally, he mentioned that MyAXA application was introduced as a way in which they are innovating their customer experience through digital solutions.

Karim Khashaba, CEO of Yodawy, mentioned that this partnership is one of Yodawy’s most unique partnerships, stressing that Yodawy is always striving to meet the needs of its partners by innovating and providing technological solutions to improve patients with better access to healthcare in Egypt. Khashaba added that the company is restructuring the way digital prescriptions are created and medication are dispensed in the market by designing technological solutions that enable patients to obtain medical services as quickly as possible.

Khashaba highlighted, "Our strong focus on creating digital solutions for the insurance sector, that meet the aspirations of our customers, has enabled Yodawy to become the preferred partner for leading players, such as AXA. We are always looking forward to cooperating with more insurance companies to provide a better experience for millions of patients in Egypt."

It is worth mentioning that AXA has taken a massive leap forward in ensuring the medical safety of its customers with chronic diseases. Their collaboration with Yodawy guarantees that clients can efficiently order their chronic medications through MyAXA app, which will be promptly delivered each month to their doorsteps by Yodawy – creating an undeniable convenience for those requiring consistent healthcare and medication management.

With the goal of advancing Egypt's digital transformation