Understanding your need to maintain your lifestyle even after retirement, we offer the Retirement plan, which will guide you to effortlessly prepare for the golden years.

Key Benefits:

  • ✓ Long-term investment plan with a minimum of 10 years and several payment frequency options: monthly, semi-annually and annually
  • ✓ Flexibility to increase your premium and/or extend coverage to your spouse for comprehensive family protection
  • ✓ Payment of your invested amount at the maturity of the policy to support the beginning of a new enjoyable phase in life
  • ✓ Full assistance with medical expenses in case of critical illness treatment such as heart disease or cancer
  • ✓ A one-year income payment in the case of temporary disability to support you with the associated expenses
  • ✓ Payment of insurance amount in the case of death or total permanent disability to support you with the associated expenses

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