Treatments with multiple sessions: (physiotherapy / chemotherapy / Radiotherapy)

1. A medical report from the treating/specialized doctor mentioning the exact medical condition, underlying cause and start date 

2. Copy of all performed laboratory and radiology results

3. Copy of dated specialized doctor’s referral with treatment protocol mentioning the duration, type of treatment & exact diagnosis

4. Final stamped dated itemized invoice mentioning type, cost and date of each session or final dated proof of payment, final receipt, with a follow up card detailing type, cost and date per each session.


General Notes:

- Claims should be submitted/completed within 90 days from services date, any claims submitted after 90 days not refundable.
- Claims refund will be for final eligible treatment costs, and not for deposits, advance payments, registration or administration fees charged by the service provider
- Specialty of treating doctor should be relevant to the performed services (ex. Physiotherapy sessions should be prescribed from orthopedics/ neurosurgeons or Rheumatologist …etc.
- Please note that claim evaluation will be at time of processing after receiving the full supporting documents. Claims are subject for further requirements , if needed