A plan tailored for coverage against property damages, allowing you to focus on your day to day work. It offers a wide range of protection that includes building, and also extends to machinery, warehouse stock, furniture, as well as potential profit loss resulting from property or material damage.

The plan provides you 3 packages to choose from according to your needs: Property All Risk, Fire and Allied Perils and Fire Loss Profit with the flexibility to extend the standard coverage.

Key Benefits:

✓ Consultancy services for engineering risks, loss prevention and sophisticated risk management with a support through the process of restoring the business to its previous financial position
✓ Wide range of protection with competitive prices to offer you the maximum value
✓ Around the clock availability of AXA team to answer any inquiries with immediate action and quality support administrative service in the occurrence of loss



A tailored plan designed to cater for the specific needs of a principal / financial institution to protect construction plants, machinery and electronic equipment. Coverage includes access to a specialized team of qualified professionals who understand your requirements, and will provide you with the best engineering risk solutions at all project stages.

The plan provides you 3 packages to choose from according to your needs: Contractor’s All Risk, Erection All Risk, Machinery Breakdown and Electronic Equipment.

Key Benefits:

✓ A specialized team of engineers available to help you in the implementation of risk management measures with risk management consultancy services
✓ A dedicated specialized team to assess and support with your claims
✓ The plan covers your legal liability of the insured contractor as a result of bodily injury or property damage belonging to a third party and arising from the contracted work
✓ Flexibility to extend plan coverage upon request
✓ Comprehensive coverage for operational machinery while working or at rest and/or during overhauling, relocation within the premises



A plan tailored with two packages to cover your business against all basic legal liabilities incurred by its employees or other related stakeholders.

Key Benefits:

✓ Comprehensive General is designed to cover your legal liability to third parties for accidental bodily injury or accidental damage to property occurring during business dealing and within predefined territorial limits
✓ Professional Indemnity is tailored to protect your company in case it extends professional services, consultation and advice to your clients and they face claims from their principals or third parties under common law



A plan tailored to protect your company’s import / export activities with a well-rounded insurance coverage for your business and cargo against all risk while at sea, over land or in the air. The plan offers global security and local expertise to help you assess your protection needs.

Key Benefits:

✓ Access to the widest covers in the market; AXA has 5% share of the worldwide cargo insurance market
✓ Worldwide network of offices and agents extending to 90 countries, 84 underwriters and 43 claims managers with fair dealing and prompt claims’ settlement services
✓A unique risk management services for vessel selection, warehousing and packaging
✓ A 24/7 emergency helpline
✓ Flexibility to provide free of charge, unique combination of more than 30 cover extensions



A plan designed to protect your business’ money, securities and other assets against a variety of criminal acts resulting in loss and theft of money; with two packages of protection tailored to your specific needs: Fidelity Guarantee and Money.

Key Benefits:

✓ Instant insurance coverage
✓ 24/7 claims assistance with fast and fair service
✓ Automatic extension for the benefits to cover losses discovered within twelve months from the policy expiry
✓ The plan can be arranged individual-name basis or on position basis, or can even be created on a blanket, unnamed basis
✓ Flexibility to extend protection to cover: auditor’ fees, robbery, assault or damage to the safe


Political Violence

A plan tailored to protect your business against political threats and violence to ensure the continuous productivity and unaffected day to day work for your company during the time of alarming activities.

Key benefits:

✓A skilled team to assist and help you understand and quantify the risk; making the plan most suitable for your needs
✓ Wide coverage with competitive prices to provide your business with the maximum protection
✓Coverage includes business interruption, physical loss or damage to buildings and their content as a result for: act of terrorism, sabotage, riots, strikes and/or civil commotion …etc


Personal Accident

A plan designed to offer you the needed coverage to protect the lifeblood of your business; your employees, clients or students against unfortunate events resulting in bodily injury.

Key Benefits:

✓Convenient and easy application process
✓Competitive prices and 24/7 accident protection coverage
✓Medical reimbursement in the case of accidents
✓Coverage includes accidental death, permanent total and partial disability and temporary total disability
✓Flexibility to extend benefits to meet your needs