Local Corporate Healthcare

A plan offering large corporates – 51 employees and more – the opportunity to provide their teams with high quality healthcare benefits and services in Egypt that can be tailored to suit their needs; allowing them to focus on partaking in the business success.

The plan provides you with a dedicated AXA Account manager to ensure the best service and control on medical inflation to provide sustainable healthcare program for your employees.

Key Benefits:

✓ Tailor-made plans for all circumstances, that cater to your employees’ needs
✓ High standards to ensure a fair settlement procedure and a clear explanation of plan terms
✓ Access to our network of more than 2,700 healthcare provider
✓ 24/7 customer service, claims processors and production staff to ensure best services


Plan coverage includes

✓ In-patient, day care and out-patient treatment
✓ Accommodation for ICU, operating room and surgical procedures charges
✓ Diagnostic procedures and prescription medications
✓ Ground Ambulance
✓ Radiotherapy, chemotherapy, CT, MRI, PET and X-rays
✓ Consultation and physiotherapy
✓ Pre-existing conditions and new chronic conditions
✓ Oral and maxillofacial surgery and accidental damage to natural teeth
✓ Organ transplant

Additional Optional Benefits:

✓ Pregnancy
✓ Dental
✓ Optical
✓ Health screening