Terms and Conditions





1.1. What is MyAXA?


MyAXA is a mobile application that is available on Apple Store and Google Play. The app offers users a series of contents and special functionalities.


1.2. Who may access MyAXA?

MyAXA is open for both customers and non-customers


1.3. What advantages are obtained by MyAXA registered users?

Registered users may enjoy all the functionalities and contents of the App:

  • Preview of active policies
  • Medicine delivery
  • Calling a doctor
  • Service requests
  • Medical network search and directions
  • Motor network search and directions
  • AXA branches search and directions


1.4. Disclaimer for third party services and products

AXA will not be directly or indirectly liable for any information, contents, affirmations and expressions contained in third party products and services offered through MyAXA App. This liability will at all times rest with the suppliers of such products and services.

Third party services will require data transfer between AXA and the third party to provide you with the service / feature

Active third-party integrations / services:

  • Yodawy Medicine Delivery Service
  • Truedoc Tele Medicine Service

"All information shared with our staff at TruDoc 24x7 is confidential No information will be released without your consent unless of course it’s required by law Subject to your consent, we may need to discuss your case with another health care provider and/or service as needed either for your care or for any additional required services Our contact centre will provide a PHYSICIAN ASSESSMENT of your condition This assessment is not designed to replace the EMERGENCY NUMBER or an EMERGENCY ROOM for a TRUE EMERGENCY"



1.5. Privacy and personal data protection policy

Any personal data provided by users through the App will be processed as foreseen in our Privacy and Data Protection Policy.

All users must read and accept such Privacy and Data Protection Policy before providing their personal data to MyAXA.

All users may obtain additional and detailed information at the following link: Privacy Policy


1.6. Deregistration from the MyAXA App

A user may unilaterally cancel his/her registration on the Platform. To do so, he/she must call our call center on 16363 requesting the deregistration.

MyAXA reserves the right to directly and automatically deregister any user who breaches the rules foreseen in these Terms, or who unduly uses the advantages and benefits offered through the app. Such user may be eventually held liable for the consequences of such breach.

Any registered user who is deregistered from the app will no longer be entitled to its advantages, services, contents and promotions.


2. Registration and password

Access to services provided through MyAXA app require prior user registration, for which a password will be chosen to enable his/her personal identification. An OTP mobile verification and an e-mail verification is also a requirement to proceed.

When registering it is required to provide your correct / accurate data as provided when signing your insurance policy. If any of the data has been changed / altered from the signed document an official request should be sent to us by calling 16363.

All assigned passwords will be personal and inalienable, and no assignment is permitted, not even provisionally, to third parties. Consequently, all users undertake to diligently use the password assigned and to keep it secret, in order to access the app and/or its services. If users become aware or have reason to believe that their password has been lost, stolen or used by third parties, they will duly inform AXA as soon as possible.

3. Types of use not permitted

Users may in no event change or erase any existing identification details, related to rights of AXA or third parties. Users may only access contents through the means or procedures made available to them for this purpose on the App, or which are regularly used on the Internet, provided that this does not entail a breach of any intellectual or industrial property rights or causes any type of damage to the App and/or its information or offered services.

All users undertake to use any contents and services diligently, legally, adequately and lawfully. In particular, as a mere example without limitation, they undertake to refrain from:

- using the contents and services in a manner and for purposes that are contrary to law, morality and generally accepted good practices, or the public order.

- transferring or disseminating information, data, contents, messages, diagrams, drawings, sound and/or image files, photographs, recordings, software and, in general, any obscene, offensive or vulgar material, or which encourages criminal, denigrating, defamatory, dishonorable or violent conduct or, in general, which is contrary to law, morality, generally accepted good practices or the public order.

- reproducing, copying or distributing the contents, or allowing public access thereto through any form of public communication, or transforming or changing them, unless the holder of the rights in question has authorized this, or this is permitted by law.

infringing any intellectual or industrial property rights belonging to AXA or third parties

using the services and contents in such a way as to damage or overload the Platform’s operation

carrying out fraudulent transactions, or which could facilitate any illegal or fraudulent content whatsoever; and

As foreseen by law, users will be liable for any loss and damage whatsoever that AXA may directly or indirectly suffer as a consequence of breaching any of the obligations derived from these Terms of Use or the law, related to use of the App.

4. Changes and amendments in the Terms

AXA may at any time change these terms or introduce new Terms of Use, for which it will suffice to make an announcement through the Website / App.

If an unforeseen supervisory action, legal or regulatory measure were to take place which, in AXA’s reasonable opinion, materially restricts or renders provision of the service commercially unfeasible, AXA will be entitled to:

(i) change the service or the terms and clauses of these conditions, in order to adapt to the new situation;

(ii) terminate these terms and conditions.