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    Investment Objective

To provide our customers with the opportunity for higher growth in the unit price over the long term but with potential for moderate volatility.

    Asset Class Mix

This Investment Type has a minimum of 75% of its value exposed to lower risk assets including treasury bills, certificates of deposit and government and corporate bonds, with the remainder exposed to equities traded on The Egyptian Exchange. This Investment Type is denominated in Egyptian Pounds.

    Customer Risk Profile

This Investment Type suits customers who have Moderate tolerance to risk. They are aware that there may be moderate volatility in the unit price. They understand that there is increased potential for growth but with an increased level of risk.

Key Information


Month to Date (MTD)


Year to date (YTD)


Fund Size (NAV)


Unit Price

YOY Performance 10 years
Historical Unit Price Performance
Investment Allocation
  • Cash
    2.2 %
  • Deposits
    0.4 %
  • Treasury Bills
    24.3 %
  • Bonds
    49.4 %
  • Investment Certificates
    0.7 %
  • Equities
    23.1 %
 AXA Investment Types have been designed to suit the needs of customers who want to save for a minimum term of 10 years. Individuals with different objectives should seek alternative investments 
 *A cumulative return on an investment is the aggregate amount that the investment has gained or lost over time

MTD = (end of current month unit price/end of previous month unit price)-1
YTD = (end of current month unit price/end of previous year unit price)-1