Cancer Protect

Your Family is always a priority, and we understand how it is fundamental for you to provide them with a better standard of living. Life insurance helps you in planning ahead to secure a stable lifestyle for your family along with accounting for unexpected events such as dealing with a family member falling sick with critical illness such as cancer. With Cancer Protect life insurance plan, you can now feel comfortable having financial support in the unfortunate event of being diagnosed with Cancer, including coverage at the early stages of diagnosis and the later stages as well.

Key Benefits:

✓ A percentage of the insurance amount, which is a lump sum of money, is paid in the early stages of diagnosis and the full amount is paid in the late stages
✓ The plan’s coverage starts from ages 21-50 years old, with policy term of 15 years and a fixed premium
✓ Waiver of prior medical tests, only a simple questionnaire is requested
✓ Second medical opinion service available twice per year during the term of the policy, on the diagnosis and treatment from specialized doctors abroad by contacting our hotline



A life insurance plan that offers you a quick and easy solution guaranteeing your peace of mind by protecting your loved ones financially in case of any unfortunate event.

Key Benefits:

✓ Easy issuance with no medical tests
✓ A plan for 15 years with a fixed low cost premium; providing protection for you and your family
✓ A lump sum paid to support your family; with a variety of options to choose from EGP 100K, EGP 250K and EGP 500K
✓ Flexibility in premium frequency options


Life Protect

A plan that helps compensate your family for sudden financial shortfalls, in case of death.

Key Benefits:

✓ A lump sum in case of death of the breadwinner and loss of family income with a policy term of at least 5 years and up to a maximum of 20 years.

Additional optional insurance benefits:

✓ A lump sum paid in case of total permanent disability due to disease or accident
✓ A lump sum paid in case of critical illness disease
✓ A lump sum paid in case of death due to an accident


Life Protect +

This plan is designed for borrowers who are planning to take loans and are requested to have a loan protection plan.

Key Benefits:

✓ Insurance plan, for at least one year and up to a maximum of 20 years, to business and lender in case of death of borrowers.

Additional optional benefits:

✓ Protection to business and lender in case the borrowers were exposed to total permanent disability due to disease or accident.